Failed 103 again yesterday

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Came up from a 360 to 430, was running 75-85% on practice exams. 14 fill-in the blanks ( actually went back through and counted) and my mind went totally blank. cant take it for 2 weeks per CompTIA. So, time to regroup and look at the areas missed on my score sheet and go back and hammer on those.

This is exam is kicking my ass, 1st certification exam I have ever failed twice... I passed CISSP, CRISC, etc on the first pass through ye there I am on number 3 with this one
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    I'm sorry to hear it repeated again.

    I recommend go to testout Linux+ training:

    Take one free week and see how you will like it. Do all quizzes, Labsims and print for yourself all "Facts" Or save as PDF for further notes.
    You can deactivate subscription any time during first week and you will not be charged.
    If you like it, take subscription for month or two and pass 104 too.
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    Wow that doesn't make me feel too confident. I heard ucertify has the best practice exams for this test. I'm not sure how much it is since I got it through WGU. I am going to take the 103 in a couple hours if you have any last minute advice for me.
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    Sorry to hear it man, but don't be hard on yourself about it honestly. I have passed CISSP, CISM and now CISA easily and on the first go. It took me 3 times for the lowly CEH. Missed it by 1 point twice. Like you, I was in the 80s on practice exams. Not sure what the hangup was. I can tell you right now that I would never do a 'fill in the blank' exam. Drag n drop sure, but not that. Too easy to go blank like you said, or know what it is but not the exact word they're looking for.
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    Yep, failed with a 350 today. I wonder for the fill in the blank questions we should just type the directory and leave out the /. I finished in 27 minutes and felt way better about it than normal. I may study Ucertify some more and jump on the Testout practice questions and possibly look into getting a book.
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    I am using the ucertify app, "The Linux Command Line" book, and the Brunson/Walberg Cert guide may have to look at testout
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    sorry to hear that 103 very easy
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    sorry to hear that 103 very easy

    to you maybeicon_rolleyes.gif I thought CRISC was easy, passed CISSP 1st time, but I have always been a wintel guy lol
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    sorry to hear that 103 very easy

    Gonna have to concur with jcundiff. The 103 was not easy in that you're expected to try and remember every possible CLI path and deciding if they want the entire path or just the last command in the path. Failed the 104 once already and deciding if it is even worth the effort.
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    Keep working it, you'll get it. And don't let those who say it's easy get you down. I failed 103 the first time and barely passed the second time. I never thought the material was that hard, but the format of the test (especially the fill-ins) makes it tough. You'll get it next time!
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    I just passed the 103 yesterday with a 780 on my second try. For some context, my first try a few months ago was a miserable failure with a 400. This test is a beast but it can be beat, just keep at it! You'll get it.

    I'm not looking forward to the 104 at all but it must needs be done for my program with WGU and, of course, to get the cert. icon_sad.gif
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    yeah, I am taking my time on my Linux studies...I want it all to sink in & know it before taking these exams. I plan on taking the 103 by end of Oct.

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    I just failed again as well, first score was a 480, this one 400 after using other resources besides the certmaster! I don't know how I managed to do worse that I did the first time around. Lots of fill in the blanks the second time around. Glad I found this site, I need other resources. This is getting expensive and I am begging to wonder if I will really see a decent ROI if I manage to pass it and the 104.icon_cry.gif
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    Hang in there...I usually won't take an exam over until I totally feel comfortable with it.

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    The 104 is easy, just worry about the 103 for now. I took them both on the same day. Studied twice as hard for the 103 and it was the one I failed. Just keep at it.
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    huntert wrote: »
    CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103 Practice Lab

    boson has this practice lab

    This is practice lab from , Bosson just provider and it is overpriced. Just for one exam 149$, when on with premium subscribtion(85$ per month) you will receive access to ALL + video courses from + access to Trancender pracitce exams.
    Here is 30% discount promo:
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    This looks pretty good. Thanks! I work on Telecom servers, most of the time I am only digging up log files so I don't get to practice a good 85% of what the 103 tests on, I took a class over the summer semester, aced it, but it was not enough to prepare me for the cert exam. I will give this a shot. Thanks so much.
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