A+ and other certificates guarantee to get job abroad?

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Is a A+ certificate along with the other +(plus) certificates internationally recognized?
Like can any of these with experience land you a job abroad like in australia or canada?

If there are any of you guys that landed a job abroad with these certificates within IT. Please share your experience and what you did to land a job in a country which you do not belong to.


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    This should be obvious but....
    Landing an overseas job is the same as landing any other job. My home is Colorado, but I have been living and working in South Korea for many years. When employers look at resume's it is all about Experience, Experience and Experience. SOME few employers will allow you to substitute significant Education for Experience...but only at the very lowest entry level. So if you have a 4-year-degree in IT, that might get you a level 1 helpdesk position. In your home country. Nobody will hire entry level for overseas work, because they have to pay you to relocate, pay for housing, blah blah blah...they don't do that for a newbie.

    Assuming you are A+, Network+ and Security+ certified, will that help you get a job? NO. There are two ways to look at it:
    If your only IT qualification is a few CompTIA certs (and lower level ones, at that),. then your resume is going to end up in the round file. GUARANTEED.
    What if you have trade school education or IT degree of at least a year or two IN ADDITION to three CompTIA certs? Will that get you a job? Maybe. But if you get the job, it won't be because of the CompTIA certs. Where the CompTIA certs come into play is as a tie-breaker. Manager has to decide to take a chance on interviewing somebody with no experience. He has semi- educated guy or semi-educated AND certified guy to choose from. He's going to interview the certified guy, probably.

    There is no shortcut to break into IT. Get an education. Use that to get an entry-level job (like helpdesk). While you are working that entry-level job, THEN work on certifications. Use the first job experience and the certifications to get a better job. After several years, your resume' should be "good enough" for overseas employers to consider spending money to relocate you and give you housing expenses, COLA, etc...

    It starts with education though. Then entry level job. Toss the certifications in somewhere after you already have your foot in the door.
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