Anyone heard of Panda Software?

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I was on the phone talking with one of our customers troubleshooting our software and then while he was rebooting the machine we were talking about pc's, etc.

Anyway, I told him I use AVG and cant stand Norton or Mcafee and he agreed and said he and his company use Panda for A/V and internet security. he also said that AVG wasnt as good as everyone thinks and that he has seen systems wiped clean b/c of AVG.

just wanted to know to know everyones thought on panda and if it's worth checking out or not. I am starting to get miffed by zone alarm. I dont ever believe just one user so far as their experiences and havent had (or heard) of any major problems with AVG

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    yea i've heard of it not sure how good it is though, i personally use Avast and so does the place i work, never had any problems with it or any complaints.

    I've also used AVG in the past and thought it was pritty good the only reason why i switched was becouse there was a virus it just wouldent get rid of so tryed Avast which did.
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    At one point in time I did use Panda Antivirus.
    It was Awesome.
    I would recommend it highly.
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    I have always heard good things about Panda
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    but has anyone heard anything bad about AVG like this guy tried to tell me? I have yet to have a problem (*knock on wood*) and it seems to be pretty stable and hasnt let anything bad in that one of my other programs found afterward.
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    Free AVG is definately the best free antivirus out there. The corporate version is pretty good. Its really simple to setup and keep running even for a network setup.

    The only aspect of Panda that i have ever used is their "active scan" which is a free online scanner. It does a decent job of finding things but its is very minimum in what it will clean.

    Unfortunately their is no golden solution to virii and malware and it often takes scanning with 5 or more products along with manual removal to get a system clean.
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    I've used Panda at ohme when I gota free copy with my mobo

    it worked well no real issues

    now I use AVG and I still have no issues.

    I've never heard of AVTG causing a system to be wiped but there are too many fctors at paly to say if it was all AVG's fault or not

    the first one being your aV software is only as good as your if the person never did the updates who's fault is it

    the other factor to consider is part ofthe reason so many do;nt liek Mcafee and norton (I'm one of them) is they are highly targrted by any virus seeking to damage a computer because they're the 2 most widely used.

    same as the what is better windows or linux...lots argue will linux because you don;t get viruses...part of that reason is not many peopel use linux (compared to windows) so not as many viruses ar written to attack linux

    realy as lnog as the AV software I run isn't a resource pig I'm happy. hence why I do ont like norton and mcafee
  • SlowhandSlowhand MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, MCSA: Windows Server 2003/2012/2016, CCNA Routing & Switchi Bay Area, CaliforniaMod Posts: 5,161 Mod
    I've heard good things about AVG, but it's safe to think that it's not as good as people make it out to be. I think it's suffered the "Firefox treatment", having been given a reputation for performing miracles, no matter what your problem is. "Install it and you'll never get viruses". . . "you'll never have problems again". . . "it's 100% secure". . . "it cures cancer and mixes the perfect martini". . . you get the idea. From what I can tell, AVG is a high-quality virus scanner, and the price isn't bad either. I don't know if I'd recommend it over NOD32 or the corporate editions of Symantec and MacAffee, but it's a quality product. The same goes for Panda Software, which is what my school has used for a few years.

    At the end of the day, the software you use is only as good as it's implimentation. If the software is high-quality and you do your part to monitor and maintain it, you'll probably have few issues with it. Every piece of software has horror stories associated with it, things like "it killed my system", "it wiped out my data", "it ate my hard drive", things like that. The thing to remember is that most software has dozens of users with no problems, for every user that tells a horror story.

    Go with what you trust, educate yourself as best you can as to what product will work for you, and make sure not to put too much blind faith in a product to do it's job. You have to keep tabs on the things you use, but the better the quality, the less you have to check up on it.

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    I have been the Virus/Spyware expert at work for a couple years and one thing that I have noticed is that most of the machines that come in with working AV software seem to have AVG icon_rolleyes.gif

    I have used Panda before when it has come OEM but it is not my preference. I do however use their online scan to verify a machine is clean after I have sanitised it.
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    Yes, it probably isn't AVG at fault. Most of the time I've seen customer's put McAfee or Norton on a system running AVG and they will conflict, causing the machine to stop booting. The customer would then take it for repairs at the geek squad or something and end up having to reformat it. They then walk away with a bad taste in their mouth and blame AVG for their loss of time and money.

    I use AVG-free, but I also run a scan with Avast! antivirus if I'm certain that there's something on my machine. Panda is a good online scanner that my computer also uses from time to time.

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    I downloaded and tried out Panda last night but in trying to configure the mail shield it wants you reconfigure all of the settings, etc. and it made thunderbird crash and stop retrieving mail.

    then went and tried avast and it wanted me totally remove zone alarm before installing it so i just killed the install

    I also tried and like the panda web virus check as well.

    Thanks again. I am always on the outlook for bigger and better software
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  • muriloninjamuriloninja Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I have used Panda in the past (Demo version) and i think it is a great AV product and firewall. I find it expensive thoiugh and have never purchased it.

    I use AVG now but if Panda was cheaper i would definately use them. I used Panda Platinum AV/Firewall
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