I test this week!

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Well it's time. My test is scheduled this coming Thursday (May 25th). I've been studying for about a month straight. Every day. About 6-8 hours a day. I feel pretty confident about what I've learned.

Resources so far:
Pearson IT Book (Probably the most thorough amount of info, but don't use this for a single resource.)
uCertify Online Course - Practice Tests, Labs, Flash Cards (This was a package deal with the Pearson book, it's a good add-on that compliments the Pearson book)
Sybex Book (Only skimmed through it on the topics I was week on, good quick reference guide. Not the best, but still good.)
Global Knowledge online boot camp (Employer paid) - in my opinion, online remote boot camps are not for me. It was hard to stay focused when you only could hear the instructor and not see him. He did have a webcam, but only turned it on maybe 2 or 3 times to illustrate a topic. It's like a faceless voice talking over power point slides. The phrase "Death by Power Point" is an understatement for this course.
FedVTE CASP course - This was mixed, They updated the videos finally. There are two different instructors, one is EXTREMELY dry and boring, hard to listen to without falling asleep. The other instructor was 100 times better and keep your attention during the entire lecture.
Darrill Gibson CASP Practice Tests - I used his online course for Security+ as my sole resource and passed. His practice tests were spot on for Sec+. The CASP questions follow that same quality. I'm hoping they align well with the CASP test as well and he does a good job of breaking down the ROI, SLE, ARO, etc problems.

I'm nervous, but feeling pretty good about what I've learned. I've been in IA and IT for about 11 years now so I've been exposed to a lot of the objectives for this certification. So your mileage may very. My situation is definitely uncommon as my employer is allowing me to do nothing but study for this certification, so don't expect a month of studying to be able to pass this test as I may not even pass. But I do feel confident that I will based on everything I've learned and the results off all the practice tests I've taken.

I'll let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck!


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    Good Luck!!! Sounds like you've prepared. I'm hoping to take mine by the end of June, would definitely love to hear about your experience! Best Wishes!
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    You'll be taking the test on the same day as I am! Good luck to you! :)
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    I see you passed, JayVee, congratulations! Do you feel that the Gibson questions were good preparation for the exam? If so, what is your overall opinion of them? I have a CASP voucher and need to make sure that I pass first time (free vouchers don't come around often!).
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    Come on a you gotta report back....lol......spread the love !
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