Passed 100-105 today!

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What a sigh of relief. That test was no joke! I couldn't tell what the outcome was going to be from beginning to end. This is the first Cisco certification exam I've taken. I scored a 930. On to ICND2!


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    blimey that's a high score! congrats!
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    Great job man!
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    Congrats, very good! I've to sit in a few week! icon_smile.gif
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    Thanks all!
    I'm a Netacad student beginning CCNA3(ICND2) this coming up Monday.
    So, obviously I used the Netacad site and Packet Tracer. I read through Lamlee's book once and ExamCram 100-105 twice and took the two practice tests at the end of EC. Like most have said, some questions are fairly simple and quick, and on the other hand, some really make you think. Cisco seems to enjoy using different ways of saying something or asking something that you've never heard before and you have to sit and think about what they are asking you. Once, you've got that aspect of it, you're golden.
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    I forgot to mention that I have Odom's book as well. I began to read it and made it through the first couple chapters and moved in to Lamlee. It's not that I didn't enjoy Odom; it's very in depth though(but also excellent). I will eventually go back to his style because he really explains things more than Netacad and Lamlee do.
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    Congrats! that score is great motivation. DO NOT STOP. keep it going or ICND2 will only get harder.
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    That's great news!
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    Good job, congrats and keep going.
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    Amazing score! Good Job man! My advice is to pick up a voucher and schedule a time to sit and take the ICND2 exam asap. You can always reschedule the exam when youre a week out if you're not ready. Just having that date set is a great motivator.
    I sat for the ICND2 a few weeks ago after reading Lammels book once. I did the labs at the end of the chapters using Packet Tracer. No studying. No practice exams. And got a 630. I thought I had a 50/50 chance at passing but really wanted to see the exam to squash the anxiety.

    What I can say is that its a great exam! You really need to know whats covered in the book and practice practice practice everything you've learned. You need to know how to troubleshoot by knowing which verify command shows you the info you need to confirm its set correctly. I had 3 or 4 sims in the beginning and thought the rest would be multi choice so I took my time thinking I had plenty of time only to find 3 more sims at the end with just minutes left! I just setup my 2nd test date for Sept 1st to keep me focused.

    Good Luck to you and keep us posted!
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    Congrats, it feels awesome to pass.
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