Has much changed?

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Time to renew my CCNA's. I am debating taking a CCNP: S exam, but since I passed the GCIH and CISSP this year, I may just want to take it easy and take the CCNA: S again to renew that and my R&S. When I took this 3 years ago, it was mostly multiple choice with some CSM config. Since CSM has pretty much gone away, is there any config type questions? Guessing maybe ISE or FMC?

I have a Safari account and work with Firepower, so wondering if that's enough.


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    The only config questions I got were multiple choice. I had to type in zero lines. I feel I may have gotten lucky though. The sims I got on the exam were super easy. And I don't work with firewalls or doing any configs on networking equipment at my job...

    I think what you have would be enough personally.
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    Ah so no real labs or anything, all multiple choice? If that's the case I'll just read up the 31 Days until your exam and just take it. I'm guessing it should be fairly easy.
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    The sim I had wasn't multiple choice, but it was using a GUI to find info though. Not sure that is too much info, but it was super easy. Not sure if other people had harder sims, seems a lot find the test really hard. Thats why I'm thinking I got lucky.
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    I had sims when I took the 210-260 exam. The exam I took was very buggy though. It's the only exam where I filed a complaint with Cisco for.

    I've heard they have corrected the issues since though, so maybe they took the sims out
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    The GUI questions are a pain. A lot of areas in the test GUI are disabled on purpose - but if you implement it the way they want it done, you can go into the CLI and verify that it's working. So you either know it, or you don't. There isn't much wiggle room.
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    The GUI/Sims are my favorite questions. I'd much rather those than multiple choice questions
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    I'm guessing the sim questions are similar to the CSM sims they had: e.g. Modify this acl, modify this port, etc. Pretty easy stuff if you've ever managed a firewall.
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    Planning on getting my CCNA security next month

    how much overlap between CCNA R/S and Security?
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