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Hello all you tech-nerds. Pleased to be among you and hopefully soon I can join your ranks. After considering many career avenues I have decided to put my full concentration and willpower into a career in IT. I was just wondering if its absolute necessary to have the latest CCENT study guide to pass the 101-105 exam? Further more if the latest edition is needed can anyone help me find a free downloadable edition? I'm not sure I want to add this but I'am very new to the IT industry and was planning on studying for my A+ certifications but after picking the brains of some professionals in the field who thought the A+ certs useless I have decided to focus on CCENT. Are Comptia certs at all complimentary to obtaining CCENT? Thank you.


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    i wouldnt bother with comptia yself, unless your in the states where it seems that comptia is needed for DoD gigs.

    Buy the Odom book, you can get it for £20/$20. Your future self will thank you
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    CompTIA certs are based on general entry level knowledge in their specific domains. The CCENT, on the other hand, is an entry level cert specifically for Cisco.

    If you are just entering the IT field, I would strongly suggest going for the A+ and Net+ before attempting the CCENT. Whole not officially prerequisites, Cisco assumes you have a Network+ level of knowledge before you start the CCENT.

    Realistically, the CCENT is an order of magnitude more difficult as well. If you don't have the experience with technical certifications, baptism by fire would be an understatement. The thought of trying to learn everything for the CCENT while also trying to learn the OSI model and subnetting gives me chills even now.

    if you want to go with A+ and Network+, Professor Messer comes highly recommended, and is not going to hurt your pockets. CBTNuggets are also pretty good.

    If you want to go with the CCENT, then I would recommend the Odom or Lammle books. Spend the money to get actual copies, as the labs will prove invaluable.
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    I'm a professional in the field. For a person new to IT I recommend the A+ first. It is not super valuable on the resume and I believe this is what those that recommended against getting the A+ meant.

    But the learning experience you'll go through when obtaining it makes it very worthwhile. Last I looked the A+ does cover networking fundamentals so this experience will complement what you know when you move on to the CCENT.

    I had a really hard time grasping subnetting. It took 4 or 5 relearn attempts before it finally clicked. Like riding a bicycle I think. It clicked while studying for the CCNA. For me the A+ was attempt #1. This is a great place to learn subnetting the first time if you don't grasp it so well, like is the case with many people. This is because subnetting is important, but not vital to passing the A+. You can't slide by memorizing how subnetting works on the CCNA.
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    As you are newcomer in IT World, I'm also suggest start from CompTia A+ Certification.
    You can buy this book in Premium Edition:
    CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Tests, 4th Edition | Pearson IT Certification
    and you will receive [FONT=&quot]Pearson IT Certification Practice Test with 4 full Practice Exam for each A+ exam.
    If you buy that book via Pearson, you will also receive 30 day access to safaribooksonline. Where you can look at two Set of video courses from two Authors, which I'll recommend:
    David L. Prowse

    Mike Meyers

    Choose one of them, which stile you will like. After 30 days, you can buy subscription another 1 or 2 month, before you finish that courses.

    Good luck...
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    Hello, well my experience says that you will require the latest CCENT study guide to pass the 101-105 exam. Though it is not compulsory, however, it will help you in identifying the latest exam patterns and types of questions.

    Also, there are various online learning companies who offer the free trial for their courses for some days. Try the free trial for 101-105 exam and it will definitely help you pass your certification exam in your first attempt.

    As per CompTIA website, "Candidates who begin with CompTIA’s vendor-neutral certifications like A+, Network+ and Security+ improve their chances of passing the exams for Cisco’s CCENT or CCNA certifications."So, you can decide accordingly which one you would like to go for.

    Good Luck!
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