Passed on 1st attemp

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Just passed the exam an hour ago, feels good really, I've bn here for while though I should let u know that I passed because of you
Ppl here really bn helpful, and materials i used mentioned in all or the majority of post bn sharing here,
This is my first Camptia exam, and not even native English speaker.

Thank you all guys!!!
#CEH next.


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    Congrats Ahmad
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    Congratulations ! =)
  • PersianImmortalPersianImmortal Posts: 124Member
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    congrats mate, have mine this wednesday, hopefully il be here with sucess story too
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    Congrats and good luck with CEH :)
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    Congrats! Is your work paying for your CEH voucher or are you paying out of pocket? The current price of those vouchers are a bit cringe-worthy.
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