Passed the CCNA 640-607 exam today w/860

2Tahoe2Tahoe Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
After completing all four semesters of the Cisco Academy and studying since I finished in May I finally passed the exam on my second try. I owe some of my success to this site and some of the advice that I read here. My advice (nothing new here) know your subnetting inside out and be able to apply it to the router sim. Practice the router sim. One of my biggest mistakes the first time around was that I thought I could just memorize the material and pass the test. You have to be able to recall the material quickly and apply your knowledge. I recommend that you pay the $125 and take the test right away. If you fail go to your car and write down everything you can remember. That will help you focus your studying. For the exam Cisco wants you to be knowledgeable on configuring their equipment, know common troubleshooting techniques, commands and understand what equipment makes networks more efficient, reliable and secure. Read the question carefully but don't waste any time as it goes by quickly. You should have studied so hard that the answers just jump out at you. Good luck to all. See you on the slopes near Tahoe! :D


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