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Good Morning All,

I'm a newbie to this site and to the IT world (Kind of) Here is my history, I worked at AT&T for 3 years as a Tier 1.5 specialist (helpdesk) working on their Business VOIP and in 2014 I was activated ( I'm a air force flight engineer ) I been applying for federal IT positions since 2012 and I finally got a position and started last week. IT Specialist GS09 working on VOIP as well and I have to get My Security + in 6 months to keep my position. I currently have access to skill port training and Darril Gibson's book. and my supervisor is giving me nothing but time to study for the Sec+. If you guys have any more guides I can use I will greatly appreciate it. I also would love to get into Cyber security, would you guys be able to help me with a certification path on what certs I should work on after Sec+. I'm very big on learning and growth but I don't have a Mentor like figure to tell me what path I should take .

Thank you


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    Gibson's book is great for learning the material and passing the test. Since you have 3 years in, maybe check out the SSCP, CISSP and CISA as well. Go over the domains to see if you qualify for the experience so far.

    I would also suggest checking out the eJPT to start with pentesting stuff.
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    yes 3 years but most of my job was helpdesk (Creating trouble tickets)
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    Welcome to the forums. You might also want to check out Professor Messer's videos
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    pharius wrote: »
    Welcome to the forums. You might also want to check out Professor Messer's videos

    Thank you.. looks like I can read chapter of the Gibson book and go over it afterwards with these videos
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    Welcome! Look after Darril Gibson book and compare with another just to complete your study.

    Also, I didnt look for it, but I heard that the new version of Sec+ is out or about to be available. Make sure that your target exam will be available when you will be ready or start to study for the new version now.
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    Look up Dod 8570/8140 approved baseline certifications and light up as many categories with certs as you can. That will open doors.

    It's also why you are required to get the Sec+.
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    thanks I appreciate it
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    They aren’t making you get a computing environment certification? If you are going to stay with the VOIP or networking side, go with CCNA at minimum, then reevaluate. Between CCNA and Security+, you might be near a year and can decide if you want to switch to something else.

    As far as security goes, the CCNA can be useful for many reasons so I still would go with that path...but other than that, stick to 8570 certs (or 8140 as the choices become more visible)....that means CEH/CSA+, CISSP, and anything listed from GIAC.
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    Also get a FedVTE account for additional free training.
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    Welcome to the forums!! :)
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    Welcome to the club!! I'm currently working on my SEC+ as well!
    I'm utilizing Gibson's book along with Pluralsight video lessons. Let us know how you did once you've taken the exam!
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