Python scripting networks for beginners

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Hello all.

I have decided that scripting networking task and protocols will enable me to learn Python and the Cisco IOS faster so I'm looking for some info.

First off can I use Python to automate task such as...

Python enters the Cisco IOS
- enable
- conf t
- do show int br
- *enter valid commands based on output*
- exit
- do show int br
- *enter or fix protocol based on output
- print task to text file briefly describing outcome based on output

I remember playing MUD games growing up and we used to script and automate our game play all the time.

%1 slashes %2 very hard.
- assist %1
- bash %2

I'm wondering if there is a way that I can start simple with maybe a few videos, anyone know what I am getting at here or know of any decent source material other than just following one of the already known Python books.

I really learn a lot faster when I learn this way.
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