Are the Cybrary Practice Labs useful??

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I'm sure most of us have used cybrary as a resource for learning at some point, but has anyone tried out their exam based Practice Labs? They offer them at $80 a piece and it sounds like a pretty good deal for those who don't have time/budget to build out their own lab.


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    I used BOSON. What are you labbing?
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    anhtran35 wrote: »
    I used BOSON. What are you labbing?

    Nothing at the moment. Just trying to learn about different resources for future exam prep.

    I'm guessing you like them? I've heard of them, but have never actually tried their labs.
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    What cert are you studying for? If it's CCNA/CCNP, +1 for Boson's lab simulators.
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    What cert are you studying for? If it's CCNA/CCNP, +1 for Boson's lab simulators.

    Right now, I'm looking to get my SSCP next to help prepare me for CISSP next year. I have been looking into CCNA:Sec/RS as a way to expand my networking knowledge so those lab sims Boson offers sound like they could help me a lot. I have a pretty broad security role in my current job so I need to be able to demonstrate proficiency across multiple disciplines.
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    +1 also for Boson exam simulator. Made a world of difference. I absolutely bombed their practice tests. But their explanations are TOP NOTCH! They explain why the wrong answers are wrong, in addition to why the right answer is right. It really helps you understand. I kept doing them until I got good grades on them, and blew the CCNA out of the water.
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    From the info I was able to gather online about the practice labs that are used by several IT training web sites including Boson, it appears Cybrary and Boson in addition to other resellers all use the same or similar live practice labs from

    On the Practice-Labs website on PracticeLabs index web page there's a section toward the bottom that reads "Companies we work with" with a scrolling list of several resellers. While investigating a bit I also came across a discount offer from Career Academy for access to all of their labs for $295/year. If the above-mentioned is correct then that means it includes access to the same or very similar training labs that Boson, Cybrary and other resellers use. (And for any skeptics about my motives for posting this info -- no I'm not a shill for any CBT/IT site. I'm not endorsing or selling any products. The info I've found was based on my own research while looking for the best practice labs that I could afford.) Maybe the info will be useful to others and could possibly help us understand the source of some of the practice lab offerings online, assuming it's accurate.
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    Interesting. I first found Practice-Labs (which appears to be owned by a UK company called I-Qubed Solutions) through GTSLearning (which I found out about through Professor Messer's site).

    Been asking about experiences with Practice-Labs on various forums and no one seems to have any experience with them. Now I see that this is because they don't realize that Practice-Labs/I-Qubed is the company supplying these labs to vendors they've been using. It also appears that some people think they are simulators when, in fact, they are real, live equipment labs. To me, this seems it would be better than simulators like TestOut, but what do I know? I've never used them either.

    So, it looks like it's time to shop around and see who has the best deal since they are all using the same labs from the same company.
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    +1 also for Boson exam simulator...They explain why the wrong answers are wrong, in addition to why the right answer is right. It really helps you understand.

    That's important to me. thanks for sharing. Looks like I'll be buying Boson for practice exams. You don't learn much if you don't know why the right answer is right and why the wrong answer(s) is(are) wrong, IMHO.
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    I've been using Practice Labs that comes with my IT Pro TV account. And the resources and labs are very useful! :)
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    Good to hear, except they seem to be kind of expensive. Looks like they just use other companies' resources (Practice-Labs, Transcender, etc) to piece together their memberships (not a bad things as this is what others seem to be doing, too).
    Might be able to get the same (or very close) for cheaper. Dunno.
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