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I have two options of classes I can take. Just looking for opinions.

I can either take a two week Network+ Bootcamp then a CISSP Class for the next four months.


I can take the CISSP class over four months. Combined with the first two months I can take a CCNA1 class (to get CCENT) and then the other two months take the CCNA2 class where I can test for CCNA R&S.

Would it be too difficult to study for CCNA while studying for CISSP? Which one would you do?


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    Do you have the experience to get the CISSP?

    What kind of classes are these? Like full days for 4 months? Honestly there is so much information between the CISSP and CCNA, I would probably go option one...IF YOU HAVE TO COMBINE THEM...if you don’t have to combine them, I would get your CCNA then CISSP or the CISSP then CCNA. The order depends on your situation and experience. If you aren’t at least 3+ years experience, put the CISSP on the back burner and use the budget for more applicable training.
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    Option 1 because CCNA and CISSP at the same time is information overload. But I don't think bootcamps for entry level certs are a good idea either.
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