MCSA 2012 vs 2016

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Hey all

Finding answers on both sides online, according to Microsofts website, 2012 Server will be supported until 2023 - So that implies that it will be around for a while yet before companies start to move to 2016, its worth getting certified in 2012. Do you agree with that?

Second - What about SQL 2012? I don't think that is as simple a decision. Any insights for a new MSCA study path? Thanks everyone.


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    If you are already down the path toward 2012 and/or already support 2012 or have experience doing so, by all means get the 2012 now and then do the 2016 upgrade.

    If none of the above, I would just cert on 2016.
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    What #blargue said.
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    2016 if you starting from scratch. I did the same last year even though I was told to do 2012 then upgrade to 2016. Glad I ignored them and went straight onto 2016.
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