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Hi Folks,

Just wanted to share that PMI is offering a CAPM rebate program where you can potentially save up to $210 off the exam fee. It is worth a look if you are wanting to get into the PM arena.

Check it out over at

Enjoy! icon_cool.gif


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    Thanks for sharing. My CAPM expires next year. Unlike the PMP, the CAPM is for 5 years and not renewable.

    I credit landing a job interview largely to gaining that CAPM. I ultimately didn't get hired (it was for IT project coordinator) but made it 3 rounds in. I happen to be on a different career path than project management now, but I do recommend this cert. I still believe it's worth it for a person trying to break into project management.
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    I'm scheduling my CAPM (v5) exam ASAP. But I just realized that they do not give you scratch paper nor a physical whiteboard/marker. They now only give you a "virtual whiteboard" - does anyone know how that works? I've been doing the 47 process "brain ****" by hand on paper; not sure I'll be able to "brain ****" on the virtual whiteboard now icon_sad.gif
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