70-398 Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise

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Got this exam Thursday and currently going through the videos on itdvds.com and already gone through the MS Press book. I've got the measure up test to go through over the next couple of days but has anyone taken this exam and can you tell me what its like.
Is there a lot of overlap between the 70-697. I scored 880 on the 697 so if there's overlap I should be ok with this one. Just wondering if there's any more resources I can use.


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    Hi, I'm looking at doing this exam next month, would you recommend the itdvds and is the book any good, there does appear to be very few resources for this exam
  • Kryten2340Kryten2340 Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Somehow passed today with 911 getting MCSE Mobility in the process. This exam was way more difficult than I expected and it took some educated guesses to pass. Only 32 questions as well.

    The ITDVDs videos were pretty good but I think its just a playlist they have put together from other courses so if you already subscribe to the likes of CBT Nuggets or Pluralsight then this may be just as good but you will need to find the relevant videos yourself. The measureup questions are worth doing but no where near as tough as the real exam. As far as the book goes it was ok but reading is not my preferred learning style.

    I would say go for the exam just to see what its like. If you fail you'll get your next one at 25% off using the current offer (unless you bought a retake voucher with the exam).
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    Thanks, that give me some food for thought, I on the 50% discount at the moment so I aim to hit the exam at the end of the month.

    911 is very good score
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    I also passed this exam a couple of weeks ago, first try. In my case, I read the MS book first + went carefully through the MeasureUp practice tests, reading a lot of the documentation and testing a bit myself with an Azure free account - not that much though.

    The exam had few questions, and what I felt I was lacking knowledge at was MBAM and Remote Access. However the part I was worst at was at Identity. Some case questions could be solved just by reading rather than having super deep technical knowledge I would say though. As the person above, I was expecting it to be slightly easier - but it is broad, so well. It makes sense that it does not feel that way.
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    I’ve got this exam booked for 2nd March! I’ve got the measure up exams and have read through the whole but however it’s a very tough one and think I’m going to struggle with this one!
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    What is the format of this exam 70-398? Case Studies or just single questions. 70-695 was 4 case studies which were 60% of the test
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    I just passed 70-398 :) I had two case studies and numerous questions in between, I didn't actually find it too bad. Read the case study then have a good look at the question and then refer back to the case study, most of it actually in the case study.
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