Taking CASP-002 on Friday

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Seeking any last minute advice from my fellow professional IT certication pursuers. Little background information. I earned my Network+ in 2016, Security+ in 2017, and have been studying for CASP off and on for 10 months. I've read the Sybex book cover to cover, slowly, highlighting and taking notes as I went through. Have done all the skillports and all of the FedVTE content. My question to the community is, what would be the best way to spend these next 4 days (Monday - Thursday) before test day Friday morning? Grinding practice questions via on the computer/tablet, as quickly as possible? Hand writing questions and answers, slowing and mastering difficult/challenging areas I feel I need extra time on (SPML, XACML, SDLC, Linux content, SOAP, SAML, etc... off the top of my head those come to mind)? Also any ethical and nonpolicy violating advice on Labs/hands on portions would be amazing. Take anything I can get!Thanks for all the content and support from this forum. Long time reader as a guest, finally making an account/appearance. Looking forward to posting positive results come Friday.


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    Good luck! I haven't tackled this one myself, but it sounds challenging. Sounds like you've done your studies though!
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    Sounds like you've covered your bases pretty well studying for this one. I prepared for about three months straight studying in every spare moment I had. What I found the most useful in the final days was to go through CompTIA's Exam Objectives, and see if I could explain/talk about/recall every item on that list (there is quite a lot so it actually took me a few days to go through). If you thoroughly know everything on that list, you should do great on the exam.

    About the exam itself (without violating NDA), I would say take your time, go through each of the sims slowly and look at things from a big picture point of view. (I also tend to save the sims for last unless I immediately know how to solve it). This was not an easy exam (at least for me), so don't get frustrated if you come across a question or topic you've never heard of. Just use your best judgement. Your intuition as an IT person will be just as valuable as the knowledge imparted by the books and videos.

    Good Luck!!!
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    Just wanted to announce to everyone that on February 2nd 2018, I successfully passed the CASP exam!

    It was a long journey, filled with late nights, many weekends sacrificed, and the last 3 weeks of studying were absolutely totally dedicated to passing this exam. I literally would wake up, eat breakfast, and study all day minus breaks to take eat and exercise. I would allow myself one 45 minute break to watch an episode of a TV show, and that was it. My life for three weeks straight marching towards the exam date. Skillports (if you have access) were a tremendous help to me, along with the Sybex book which I read cover to cover slowly and high lighting everything.

    This exam is tough, a lot of content, and I ended up investing all together a total of 10 months in preparation to pass this exam. In the end it was absolutely worth it. You can do this! Stay focused, stay motivated, and you too will be making a post like this one day.

    ****Final piece of advice for this exam... do not neglect Linux knowledge being incorporated into your study regimen.
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    Congrats! It's always good to see months of hard work end in success!
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    Congrats man! This is still the hardest exam I have ever taken. We just had 3 people fail it here last week.
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    Congrats.....! icon_thumright.gif
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