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Hi all,

So I wanted to take one of the Security+ boot camps. I was looking at the infosec institute online version, since traveling will not really be possible. So they offer a mentored online version and right now if you buy one course you get another mentored online course for free. But I wanted to know if anyone has taken any of the security IT boot camps in Michigan, specifically around the metro Detroit area. Any input would be helpful. There's just so many different courses available, I don't know which to choose?


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    We always say that bootcamps for such an easy and entry level cert are mostly a waste of resources. Plesae tell me you are not footing the bill for this.
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    You can just study the Security+ in your own time for free. Just watch the Professor Messer videos, read Darril Gibson's book and look at the CompTIA Security+ objectives. I did all this in 4 weeks by myself (while working a full time job) and passed first time.
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    So yes, I will be paying this myself. But I never thought about it like that since it is an entry level exam. I just though it might actually help me to sit down and study for it. I know that I know most of the info already, so now I see that it would be a waste to pay over $2500 for this. Glad I asked about this. So I guess I'll not be doing this lol. SO now I have another question. I have a friend that has his Sec+ and used one of the brain **** sites. Has anyone done this or used it? or would ya'll still recommend using the book and the Prof Messer vids?
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    Oh brain ****! Who wants to take this one? Go easy on him.
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    Oh boy... I don't want to be hard on you but you have a lot to learn with exams and studying. You wanted to spend $2500 on the Security+, and now you want to use ****..? First rule - NEVER USE ****! **** are used by people who just want to get by the exam quickly as possible just so they can show they have the certification on their CV/Resume. When it comes to putting it to the test in a real working environment, you will be f*cked over big time because you won't remember what you were suppose to learn to begin with. You just memorise exam questions, where's the real training? Stay away from **** for ALL exams. Ever. Period.

    Second, never spend too much money JUST to study for the exam. $2500 for the Security+ exam?? Do yourself a favor and don't do it. I've never known anyone to spend that much money on any single exam ever.

    Not trying to being rude, but it sounds like you just want to get past this exam as easily as possible. If you want to succeed in life, you're going to have to motivate yourself and sit down and study for this exam yourself, with legitimate resources, in your own time. I'm going to give you some advise for this exam that will save you a lot of time and money, and you will be better off in the long run for it:

    - CompTIA exams - Use Professor Messer's video courses. They are free, detailed, and help you understand the topic much better. Some people would suggest CBTNuggets. While they can be good, you can save yourself some money by using a free resource which is just as good. Sit down and watch all of his videos, making notes where you can.

    - Books are good too. For CompTIA you can use Darril Gibson or Cybex which don't cost a lot on Amazon. Use this to fill in any gaps you may be concerned about after watching a video course.

    - USE THE COMPTIA EXAM OBJECTIVES! - This lists every possible subject that could be in the exam. If you use it like a checklist and tick off each subject that you feel 100% in, you can see where you need to make improvements.

    - Make sure to use practice exams towards the end of your study to see if you're ready for the real thing. I normally recommend MeasureUps, but if you want to save yourself some money, you can always use ExamCompass. They're handy, but not as good as MeasureUp.

    You will also notice that there are two versions of the exam at the moment, the SY0-401 and SY0-501. It doesn't matter which version you take, because in the real world 99% of employers don't care which version you have, just as long as you are Sec+ certified. There is also little difference between each exam, however the Sy0-401 has been out for a few years and has more study material to practice with, whereas the 501 has just been released. I can confirm this as I couldn't see the exam objectives for the 501 yet from CompTIA, so just stick with the 401.

    I hope this all helps. We are a friendly community here at TechExams and you can always find help wherever you need it. Good luck!
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    I agree with the guys above; $2500 is wayyyy too much to spend on an entry level cert in regards to training. Darril Gibsons book and Prof. Messer's free videos are more than enough for this exam. And yeah, Just Say No to ****.
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    Thanks for everyone's input and I'm not that sensitive if you break my balls about the stuff I've posted. I'm relatively new to the IT industry and I'm trying to transition from another career field into this. That's why I ask and I'm not afraid to ask the noob questions. I do agree I have a lot to learn about these exams and how to study for them, They're not like what I'm used to. I'm only going off what I've been told in the past, and glad I asked this to y'all. I do want to learn the info, I'm just looking for the best and fastest way to study for this exam. I know that I know most of the info already, just not everything I should know for the exam.
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    And cyberguypr, I thought you comment about when I asked about brain **** was extremely funny.
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