Taking 70-272 on Saturday 12/30/06

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Gonna sit down for exam 70-272 on Saturday, 12/30/06. Wished I could've scheduled it earlier, but I really needed to take it on a Saturday since I don't want to take off from work.

Is there any area I need to cover in particular on this exam (IE, OE, Outlook, etc., etc.)?

Also, when I do pass, as for listing certs on a resume, do I just list the MCDST or list the MCP and MCDST?

Still don't know what cert I will work on next (CCNA or MCSA)? I haven't had much experience with servers much less routers and switches. I do hope to go back to school and take a class starting in January. Will take only one class since I am busy enough as it is with work and studying for cert exams.


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    You should be familiar with the objectives. That will be your best bet as to what to expect on the exam itself. It helps if you are proficient with the apps to be tested such as IE, Outlook, etc.

    When you list certs, think of it like this....all MCDSTs are MCPs, but not all MCPs, are MCDST....basically, once you have a full cert(MCSA/MCSE, MCDST, etc.), it is implied you have MCP. Only list the MCDST.....

    As for the next exam, it depends on what you're trying to do in IT. Cisco and M$ are completely different, and so isn't the work that you would do with each. If you're going for network admin and engineering, go with Cisco. Although, you've already started the M$ track, so you might just want to stay with that stuff....
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    I was in the same situation as you just half a year ago. I decided to continue and get MCSA before studying and preparing for CCNA because I think the knowledge of AD and Microsoft networks is important. If you dont have experience with real-world networks, it's good to get more practice before working with Cisco networks.

    I'm 1 exam away from MCSA, and I'm beginning to start my CCNA studies, I think without the practice with AD and RRAS, some of these concepts for CCNA would be much more difficult.

    Good luck!
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    Good luck dude! I'm Two weeks behind you.
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    Looks like I'm leaning towards the MCSA and exam 70-290 next. Of course, I could change my mind at anytime!

    Seems like if you have an MCSA but little work experience, you have a better chance of getting hired somewhere than someone w/a CCNA and litlle experience. It also seems that the CCNA has a "higher degree of difficulty" though I doubt anyone would consider the MCSA credential to be "easy".

    Not sure if I am right or wrong, but that's just my two cents worth.
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