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Hey guys,

I'm currently studying 70-270 ... I've had 10 months experence in the field so far so setting it up will be a breeze..
Just wanted your thoughts on setting up a test lab at home for MCSE.
All I have so far is a single 2003 server (Not sure if i should be installing SBS2003 or just 2003Server?) and a single machine to build xp on etc.. anything else you would reccomend adding to this? ( I allso have 3 PC's connected to the network.. but wont be used for testing)

Any comments would be great...

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    The server should work fine, though most of your questions are going to be based on desktop issues. I would get another machine, or load VirtualPC on one of your XP's, so you don't have to muck up the configurations.

    Personally, I have a seperate lab (2 machines, 1 server). All on their own lan.
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    I got through 70-270 without a lab server, but it would have been nice at times. I'm studying for 70-290 now with one domain controller and an XP client, so I would think that would be sufficient for 70-270 as well.
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    Do not use small business server for these tests, save for the SBS test itself. SBS has a few quirks that will give you issues when you're getting along in 70-290 and 70-291. There are a couple of threads that note some examples, one I can give you is that SBS can be the first and only DC in a domain, otherwise the DC Promo will barf on you. Go with any edition of Windows 2003 Server, and you'll be fine.

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    Thats great, Cheers for your help guys.
    Security is like exercise: everyone talks about it, but not many people do it.
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    I am using for my 70-270 only VMware. I have 4 guest machines: Win XP pro, win 2K( for unattended installations and upgrades) and a clone of each OS.
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