Passed CCNP Switch 300-115 today

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I've been studying for the Switch test since I took a week long boot camp with Global Knowledge in August 2017. That was my first time looking at the material since my CCNA in 2015. Long story short I took the test unprepared for the difficulty of it and failed, took it again in two weeks failed again. Fast forward to November and I'm tired of studying FHRP, STP, trying to memorize syntax, etc. Take it again and fail, that's three fails. Now March I take the test again. I have been studying for the test since I started in August, but ramped it up by building a lab at work, and using Cisco's learning center for labs.

Not sure how this adds up, but here is my score breakdown
Passed 823
Layer 2 Technologies 67%
Infrastructure Security 58%
Infrastructure Services 67%

My study materials are as follows;
Global Knowledge week long boot camp
CBT Nuggets full course
Udemy 300-115 full course
Cisco Learning Lab's video course/labs (these were the same labs I took with GlobalKnowledge, but I have access to them through work as well as anything else Cisco).
Read the book that came with GK course
Find notes through Reddit and read through them
Boson Exam Simulator (probably took 40-50 times) the sims are good
And live lab at my desk (3750's, and 2911's)

Should note also work as Network Administrator, but we don't implement many of the technologies in the exam. We are layer 3 to the access layer. So no VTP (switches in Transparent mode), STP (switch stacks do use internally and then layer 3 to edge), some FHRP (mostly use routing protocols), do use port channels, no port security, but do use some security features (dhcp snooping and obviously TACACS/Radius), use UDLD, use CDP, most things are mentioned we implement are all implemented for stability and none of the fancy stuff is enabled.

Good luck to anyone going through this, and I guess now I'm on to ROUTE.

Thanks for reading

I'm buying OCG to start reading for ROUTE and will do a better job taking notes. I need my own notes to reference instead of just re-watching/re-reading material. It takes too much time.


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    Congratulations & good luck with ROUTE. The material's fun but feels overwhelming at times. Just hold in tight and you'll come out a better engineer at the end.
    2017-2018 goals:
    [X] CIPTV2 300-075
    [ ] SIP School SSCA
    [X] CCNP Switch 300-115 [X] CCNP Route 300-101 [X] CCNP Tshoot 300-135
    [ ] LPIC1-101 [ ] LPIC1-102 (wishful thinking)
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