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Hey all,

I have a Software Engineering background and I have been working in IT audit for 2 years.

Am preparing to take CISA exam by the end of the year. I have already the official CISA manual from ISACA and I would like to ask for your recommendations regarding which is the best CISA prep course I can take, in order to better get prepared for it. I did a research and I have a few options am wondering about: (i) ISACA (ii) Certified Information Security (iii) GRYFIN SIMPLILEARN (iv) EXAMMATRIX.

Thank you in advance.


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    (iii) certifiedinfosec + ISACA Online Q&A DB helped me pass the exam in 2015.

    The course had a money back guarantee, but to get the guarantee you need to get 95% score in the practice tests :D, if you can get 95% on the site tests + 80%+ on the ISACA online DB you should pass the exam.
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