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I just wanted to post on how I am preparing for this exam in late April...I probably won't pass the exam, only because I am not a programmer and feel I won't be prepared. But for only $50 it is worth trying to be an urban achiever for this cert.

I am watching these on YouTube ~ (If anyone else has some other YouTube channels to suggest, please post below)

Dan's Courses:

Jason Dion:

Speed Reading (time is of the essence):
Sybex's Penetration Testing Essentials ISDN# 9781119235309 By: Sean-Philip Oriyano
NIST 800-115 -
C|EH 2nd Edition - ISBN # 9780071836487 by Matt Walker's 2014
OISSG - Information Systems Security Assessment Framework -

Not that I can get through ALL of this material in 29 more days, but just wanted to share what I was using.

Any other resources you want to share, please post below!

Cheers & Hi5!

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    sorry, I'm just excited thinking about borat doing anything related to penetration testing and the terrible jokes that would ensue.
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    CompTIA A+, Network+, i-Net+, MCP 70-210, CNA v5, Server+, Security+, Cloud+, CySA+, ISC² CC
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    So Comptia doesn't have a book available?
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    No, this is the beta exam. They have not officially released the certification, so no materials are available specifically for it yet.
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    I also picked up the

    [FONT=&quot]Sybex's Penetration Testing Essentials ISDN# [/FONT][FONT=&quot]9781119235309 [/FONT]By: Sean-Philip Oriyano

    I found it to be pretty basic, but for someone who doesn't have any Pentesting knowledge it seems a decent introduction. A quick read.

    Also using the CE|H book.

    I also picked up the
    Packt Python Penetration Testing Cookbook: ISBN - [FONT=&quot]978-1784399771[/FONT]. It's also a quick read of Python script examples, so not in-depth. Also going to read the Advanced Penetration Testing: Hacking the World's Most Secure Networks: ISBN - [FONT=&quot]978-1119367680, which also looks a bit introductory.

    I don't expect to pass myself, either, but the review and new learning will be good, and, hey, if I pass, all the better. I passed the CSA+ beta, so there is always a chance!! [/FONT]
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    So I took this exam today after watching and lurking around here. I'll tell you this much--I hate to break it to you but these books won't be of much value on this exam. You need deep and advanced knowledge of specific exploits. You may get what you need from some of those books as an aggregate, but I wouldn't waste your time there. Instead, I would look up OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, learn those vulnerabilities well there. That will significantly help you, I believe. I would also watch YouTube videos. I would take the Overview and literally research those areas beyond the scope of CEH. CEH was a joke of a cert, no offense to anyone who has it (I have it as well). This PT1-001, however, is another beast entirely. I am a programmer and have a background programming, albeit in Java, but I've started to learn Python. With that said, I would learn PowerShell as well. That will help you on the exam and as a PenTester.

    I'm not sure what your goal is here--if you want to be a cert-hunter or what, but I don't think you can go and just take this exam and pass it without much experience on a keyboard. I have a rudimentary knowledge of pentesting but it's what I want to do and I have a Bachelors in Programming and specifically Secure Programming, so that helped me a lot on the exam due to the facets of secure and insecure programming. I also have used Kali Linux and some of those Script Kiddie tools. That's the best advice I can give without giving you answers. Just take the Overview and research all the material there.
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