Passed CISSP 4.2.2018

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Wow that was mentally exhausting. Thought I failed when it stopped at 100 questions. Had a little over an hour left in time. Big thanks to the folks on the board for sharing their study regimen. And a big thanks to Eric Conrad and Kelly Handerhan. The sunflower review material was great—but truthfully the mental processes needed to convert that knowledge into answers cannot be studied. Good luck to those who are taking it!! CySA+ and CRISC next.


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    congratulations buddy
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    congrats. I passed today!
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    Thanks! I tried to get this done in a month with only the weekends to actually study. I would listen to Kelly Handerhan as I drove to/from work. Study materials were:

    Weekend One:
    Cybrary Kelly Handerhan videos
    First half of Official ISC2 Sybex CISSP Study Guide

    Weekend Two:
    Second half of Official ISC2 Sybex CISSP Study Guide

    Weekend Three:
    Eric Conrad CISSP Study Guide 3rd Edition

    Weekend Four:
    Eric Conrad 11th Hour
    Boson Tests (75 questions at a time)
    Sybex Tests (50 questions at a time)

    Weekend Five (test week):
    Eric Conrad 11th Hour skim through
    Sunflower v2.0 pdf
    Boson Tests (75 questions at a time)
    Sybex Tests (50 questions at a time)

    Test Day (Monday):
    Sunflower v2.0 pdf

    As I said before, knowing definitions, processes, and the order of precedence (BCP/DRP/BIA/CMM/Cofig & Chng Mgmt/Incident Response) was crucial. I had a total of four crypto questions, but the majority of the test was on domain one and seven. The Boson and Sybex tests were excellent for learning the information, but the questions I got were not even close to the same. Truthfully, I was answering many of the questions on past experience and sometimes gut feel.
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