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I have passed my Network+ Already, and find myself doing just fine in all the 1st and 2nd CCNA semster material, I was thinking of jumping in and taking the CCNA3rd and 4th semesters.

Should I? Should I even bother with a classroom? I didn't get my Net+ or A+ with a classroom... But then again, CCNA is harder than the aformentioned.


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    I think (and have always advocated) that studying for the CCNA in a classroom environment is a waste of money, because the CCNA doesn't cover any concepts that can't be self-taught from a book and simulator.
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    This really depends on what kind of learner you are, but if you're the type of person that doesn't need to be shown the same things 500 times especially the simple things that are covered on the CCNA you shouldn't have a problem doing them on your own.

    I took CiscoNetacad 1-4 over 2 years, and albeit I learned alot without much effort but I also did it at my highschool for no cost at all. If your someone who benifits from a classroom enviorment I would highly suggest taking it. But from my point of view, if I had to pay to take the course I wouldn't have because the curriculum isn't that intense books and simulators are fine for it.

    It sounds to me more like you just want to finish this as soon as possible since you're already taking 1-2 and i would advise against it until you finish because alot of it over laps like the routing protocols, etc.. but if you already have a good understanding of it then it shouldn't be a problem.

    Really up to you, hope that helped a little bit. I probably lost track of what I was trying to say heh.

    Good Luck!
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