Should I schedule at the end of the month

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I know the deadline for exam 401 is coming up I have a few testing centers in my area and I'm debating on should I schedule an exam closer to June 29th and also when's the best time to take an exam in the morning or the afternoon what are your thoughts people?


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    Me personally when I took my first test was during my lunch hour which I dont recommend. I would suggest like 10am. Wake up, eat a good breakfast, head to the test center.
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    I always schedule tests very early, the first one if possible.
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    I tend to go for earlier than later when I'm testing. I've scheduled every CompTIA exam I've taken at 10:00 am. So far it's proven to be a good time for me :). Good luck with your exam!
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    I guess you would be the best person to know whether you are ready or not. Depends largely on how much preparation have you been doing (e.g., books that you read, practice tests, videos you've watched, etc.) or experience that you have under your belt?

    I prefer to schedule my exams during mornings while my mind is still fresh and I'm not as distracted. Best of luck! icon_thumright.gif
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    I usually schedule my exams two to three weeks after I begin going over practice exams. However, ultimately you'll know when you're ready. I would only recommend since you're taking the 401 version to give yourself enough time to schedule for a retake (if necessary). Also, early morning to mid-morning seems to be the ideal situation. You generally want to focus on relaxing as much as possible before the exam, have a good night's sleep and a good breakfast and ease yourself into taking the exam.
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