Pega Systems Certification

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Anyone familiar with this?

There is a role at my current company that I am eyeing, but in the job title it specifically says PEGA Certified.

Anyone have experience with this or know of it? If so could you share some insights.

My concern is this is some legacy software that unless you have hands on experience it would be pointless even applying since it's potentialy very niche.


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    Paga system is not a legacy application, but instead a juggernaut in the area of business architecture.

    See their certifications offertins:

    Certification Magazine conducted a deep-dive of one of Pega certifications: Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on Pegasystems Certified System Architect (CSA) - CertMag
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    Thanks for sharing this. I've learned a thing or two about Pega.

    As for Certification Magazine's so-called deep dive, which claims that simply getting a Pega cert can make a person $126k/year, well I've got something even better.

    How about an even easier to obtain training package for the CompTIA A+ exam that will get you an average US salary of $93k/year?
    Salary Survey - 2016 Annual Salary Survey - CertMag

    Allow me to contact Certification Magazine's parent company, GoCertify, who's business model depends upon selling cert training, and I'll hook you up. . .

    Sarcasm aside, I wouldn't believe a word this website publishes.
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