CGEIT fail :(

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I took exam CGEIT in June/2018 on CBT and received the preliminary result is fail icon_sad.gif. Although, I qualified CISA with 515 points and know ISACA question.

For study CGEIT process below:

- Read the review manual (read 3 times and take note the main content)
- Read the Questions, Answers & Explanations (read 2 times and learned all the wrong answer)
- Read more questions in bank test
- Learned the summary content for CGEIT slide icon_sad.gif

--> For post test, i made sure all question is 95% before the exams

For taking exam CGEIT:
I found that the question in exam is more complex than the book question. Some questions is like the way to solve the problem in HR management. icon_sad.gif

I am confused the whether to take the exam next time or not icon_sad.gif Because i think i am fail due to lack of actual experience icon_sad.gif
Do you have any way to improve my knowledge icon_sad.gif

By the way, is there any chance to pass exam even received the preliminary result is fail ? Because i knew that there is scale points for each exam.


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    if you take CBT, the final result will be not many changes from preliminary
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    Because i think i am fail due to lack of actual experience

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't experience required to get your CGEIT?
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    The CGEIT required 5 years for making governance and management IT. Hence, almost question is related to solve the actual situations. I found that the Review Manual and Question Bank is not enough knowledge to pass CGEIT exam
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    I'm sorry to hear that you weren't successful in getting your CGEIT. I've not taken it, or have any aspirations to, however since ISACA tests are probably designs the same way...... Focussing on weak areas, testing repeatedly and making sure you have all the questions covered is important.

    Understanding the way they ask things is half the battle.

    You could just have had a "bad day at the office"

    How far did you fall short, plus what areas did you not do so well in? All this helps you understand where to focus corrective efforts.

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