CISM Study Guide - Peter Gregory's Book Good? Anyone Passed Exam Using It?

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I'm curious if anyone has passed the CISM exam only using the following book by Peter Gregory? Amazon reviews are higher on it than the ISACA 15th Edition.

Seems like most people study these two for sure (15th Edition ISACA Official book) and the subscription for the questions.

However, has anyone used Peter Gregory's book combined with the online question subscription *and* sucessfully passed the CISM exam?

Here's Gregory's book (which gets much higher ratings on Amazon than the 15 Edition does (granted that's tried and true according to this site):

Hence - Why I'm a bit skeptical purchasing the Gregory book but it does have good reviews and a 2018 publishing date.....



  • TongyTongy Member Posts: 234
    I used the official CISM manual and online questions only and passed, so I would personally go with the officially produced material, despite it being expensive.

    The official book is a bit dry, and hard going, but it's well done and very thorough.

    I've never heard of this book before - but then again I took my exam in Dec 15 (200 q - paper based) so things might have changed.
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    I think it was only released in February of this year.

    I only used the ISACA online Q&A when I studied for the exam and I passed first time. You can’t go far wrong with that approach. However, I’d imagine the book will have more substance around the domains.
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