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Hey guys I have 2 windows XP proffessional . I want to configure remote desktop , so that I can remotely control both machines from 1 machine itself. But after doing the configuration on both computers, when I am trying to do remote desktop on 1 machine..a message is coming that a terminal server is not available. how can I install terminal serbver or I need to install server 2003 to do it.


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    are the 2 machines behind firewall?
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    nope i have already removed the firewall
  • bighornsheepbighornsheep Posts: 1,506Member
    are these 2 machines in the same subnet? ie, your home network?
    When you connect to machine 2 from machine 1, or vice versa, are you connecting by IP, or hostname?

    also, double check that "Terminal Services" is started in Services MMC in administrative tools.
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    You enabled Remote Desktop from the System Properties, correct? You didn't accidentally enable Remote Assistance instead did you? Just asking... they are two different things.
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