First time posting, Q re: CEUs

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Hi folks,

This is my first time posting. I quickly glanced around but didn't see the answer.

Short story up front: I would like to avoid taking training with quizzes. icon_smile.gif

I took the Ethical Hacker and Secure Coding which did not have a quiz at the end. That gave me 10.5 hours.

I am going to get a letter from my boss showing that I worked on security-related issues. That will give me 9 hours.

I'm hoping to get the remaining 31 hours as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I have seen some folks saying I can just watch webinars and that it counts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things like that?

When I visit the Certmetrics page, it appears this is the only option for me:

"Attended a Live Webinar (1 unit per hour) for Security+ CEUs"

So I guess the question is: Does anyone have a list of webinars I can watch and use for credits?

In the meantime I'll start up one of the big training classes on FedVTE.



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    I've found the process confusing as well. I took a bunch of classes at Cybrary and uploaded the certificate to CompTIA's CEU portal. Professor Messer's webinars are accepted, but there is a limit on the number of webinars you can attend.

    Please post any additional information you find for the rest of us.

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    FedVTE is great because CompTIA automatically recognizes them. However, you do need to pass the exam in order to get the certificate. That's what I did for CISSP. Also, if you are a member of DoD, you can use the annual Cyber Awareness certificate through AKO for 40 CEUs.
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    I second FEDVTE is a great resource. Also CompTIA has webinars as well which counts towards CEU credits.
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    Hi all,

    PCTechLinc: When I did my Cyber Awareness it says only 1 CEU. Can you link to the AKO Cyber Awareness that has 40 CEUs? That sounds crazy high but I would take it if it is true. Can you give the URL for that one?

    Thanks for the info.

    Yes FedVTE is the one that has the "Hacker 101 and Secure Coding Version 2 - 10.5 Hours" class. There was NO QUIZ at the end which I'm eternally grateful for. icon_smile.gif

    I think I'm up to 33 credits so far. Let me see if I can list them.

    11 -> Hacker 101 and Secure Coding Version 2 from FedVTE - 10.5 Hours rounds to 11
    11 -> Cyberspace Defense from URL below - 10.5 hours rounds to 11
    9 -> Annual work experience times 3 years
    1 -> Cyber Awareness Challenge V5 from 2018 Navy DoD TWMS
    1 -> Cyber Awareness Challenge V4 from 2017 Navy DoD TWMS
    1 -> Cyber Awareness Challenge V4 from 2016 Navy DoD TWMS

    Cyberdefense ->
    TWMS ->
    FedVTE ->

    I don't know if that 11 was right for that Cyberspace one. I'll post back if they reduce it.

    My coworker says I can retake the Linux O/S training on FedVTE. Since I'm a Linux person that's probably my next step.

    For my annual work experience I put the following and had my boss sign it. I haven't submitted yet but hopefully it counts.

    • RHEL Linux security patching process.
    • Oracle Linux security patching process.
    • <COTS software (I'm just removing the name)> security patching.
    • Tracking/control of RHEL users and groups.
    • Tracking and creating notification alerts for security purposes (system login, account lists, etc.).
    • Tracking and reporting on any IAV-A or IAV-B security alerts and bulletins for the system.
    • Mitigating any IAVs discovered.

    Thanks all for your help.

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    I posted a detailed reply but the system thinks it's spam. It should be up soon after a moderator looks at it.
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