Passed CCSKv4

Just went ahead and YOLO'd CCSK the other day and passed.

Took about 10 days of reviewing the new v4 doc and skimmed ENISA doc. Time goes quick and finished in a little over an hour. This exam is a def. must for anyone wanting to get into the Cloud space or working with it.


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    Congrats on the pass! This is next after I do the TOGAF.
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    Congrats on the pass.
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    [FONT=&quot]Any one passed TOGAF certifications recently. Please share your experience. [/FONT]
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    Pls ignore previous post. Any one passed CCSKv4 certifications recently. Please share your experience.
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    I've just passed my CCSKv4, this was my experience..

    20-30% of the questions I would say you would get if you have experience/knowledge of basic security without reading the v4 doc.

    There was a couple of questions that you could straight up just guess by process of elimination, like really obvious incorrect answers.

    The ENISA document and the CCM was so dry it was literally impossible for me to revise them. Given the low percentage of questions on the text I went in with the strategy that I would just search the text if a question came up from them.

    Because I studied the main text quite well I could instantly tell when a question wasn't referring to the main document. Strangely some of the questions actually told you the question was relating to the ENISA document, like this...

    "ENISA - What is xxx". This made it even easier!

    For the rest of the test, I thought the questions were reasonable. If you know the main text well and have sec+ level knowledge you won't have a problem.

    I finished in just over an hour which gave me 30 mins spare. The hour included a few searches in the text to confirm answers.
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    What do you mean by "main text"? Are referring to a particular site/doc/guide or do you mean just knowning the topics in general?
    What did you use to prepare?
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    Sorry by main text I'm referring to the CSA Cloud Security Guidance v4 document. They say that approx 86% of the exam questions will be based on this text so I just referred to it as the "main text".

    The only resources I used were the CSA Cloud Security Guidance that I downloaded from their site. I quickly skimmed the CSA cloud control matrix and had the ENISA report open and ready to search.

    I read the main text once without taking notes. Then again but this time made my own notes. The main text was about 150 pages, which I got down to 50 pages of my own notes. I then studied my own notes and only went back to the main text if I needed further info. I created my own questions based on my notes, for example "What is cloud abstraction" and used these to test myself. I did about 300 questions for myself and when I got one wrong, I'd go to that specific area in my notes and re-read that section.

    Two days before the exam I did one final read of the main text.

    All in all I would say it was a good 4-5 week of revision for me.
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    is it possible for you to share your notes ?
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    That's a great achievement, congrats! Any tips?
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