Passed 501 today, woot woot

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Hello all,

I passed my 501 today with an 795/900! Currently I am enrolled at WGU, so I started by going through their material first which seems to be snippets of book material such as Darril Gibsons Security+ Study Guide. As well, I read through the Darril Gibson book, and highlighted key facts I expected on the exam. I also did note cards of key topics and definitions. I enjoy doing the note cards, because it provides an opportunity to memorize key facts during intermediate downtime. In addition, I did my videos through TestOut which was supplied by WGU, and recommended on another post within this forum. I applied the knowledge I learned through VMs. Currently using VM Workstation 12, and it gets the job done.
During the test I found there was a lot of questions related to reading audit logs to determine the type of 'attack', or situation happening. You need to understand the technology obviously and what it looks like if you were to see it happening. Knowing the attack types was important, as well as having a strong understanding on the public/private key-pair. I did get a few questions on wireless technologies, and encryption specifics such as key lengths, and when to implement what protocols in which situations.
It was definitely a CompTIA test, as I found myself second guessing myself because of the wording of the questions, but stick to your gut and you'll be fine!

-best of luck on all future studies, I'm on to linux+ icon_cheers.gif


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