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I am dedicating this thread to update my road to CCSP which started today, as a quick background about me I am an Information Security Engineer coming from Networking background with decent knowledge in a lot of IT fields, Infrastructure, Networking, Compliance, Penetration Testing, AWS Cloud ... etc. My weak points are programming, development, and databases.

The certificates I currently hold are; CISSP, CEH, CCNP R&S, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, ITIL and a lot of courses with vendor products like McAfee SIEM, F5 GTM, Fortigate Firewalls and others.

I started my way to CCSP and will be updating on regular basis, aiming to pass the exam in two months.

Today I got the official study guide and decided to start with Cybrary videos, finished domains one and two, seemed to already know good amount of the material so far, not sure how will it go with the rest of the domains.

I want to use the following approach,
Finish a domain or two from Cybrary, read the corresponding pages in the official study guide and asses my knowledge with test and mock exams (no not ****)

In the meanwhile, is there any material which you feel would provide extra value during studying that would aid in both better understanding of the material and higher chances of passing the exam? Looking for more test exams as I couldn't find many, anything similar to the exam out there (again not ****) with a decent volume of questions?


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    Good luck in your pursuit! I had started studying for the CCSP but gave it up after getting a new job. I can say that the Official CCSP Study Guide and Official Practice Test books seemed really good. I made a read through the study guide and liked it a lot.
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    Good luck on your CCSP Journey SDee. I'm plan on rewriting mine more at the beginning of July. I have a couple study materials that I am leveraging: the Official ISC2 CCSP Guide, Sybex publications and the AIO CCSP Guide. It's probably a bit overkill for some but I like to be thorough when it comes to studying for these types of exams. I've have the print out of the CSA Cloud 4.0 guide out on the side if I need to cross reference anything in there as well.
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    I have been studying this slowly since the end of last year. I am looking to take the exam in the next month or two.

    So far i have read:
    CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional AIO
    CCSP (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide

    I have watched the Cybrary videos fully several times and looking for additional material so will be keeping an eye on this thread.

    Are there any good practice exams available?
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    Thanks. Just purchased this book so hopefully i will be able to let you know :)
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    Archon wrote: »
    Thanks. Just purchased this book so hopefully i will be able to let you know :)

    Good! CCSP is one my goal too.. I just have to kick my butt..
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    Almost finished reading the "CCSP Official Study Guide"
    I really feel comfortable and I already know a very good amount of covered information within the material.. do you think it would be sufficient to depend on the Official Study Guide? I think about reading it again, go through all marked items and do any online tests before sitting for the exam.

    Any suggestions?
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    Finished the official study guide, feeling very comfortable with all of its content, I think I already have a work experience with 90% of the material, and there are lots of common topics with CISSP which I already passed.

    Will schedule the exam soon and will book the first available Monday exam, will read the official study guide in the 48-hour period before the exam, I now plan to spend lots of time doing sample tests.

    So now, I would really appreciate your advice regarding available practice tests, besides the official one. Which one was similar to what I would expect seeing in the exam?
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    Everyone please read my complete strategy I opted / executed to get CCSP done. Hope this helps everyone on this forum.

    All the best.

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