CCSP Passed August 14th

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Hello Everyone,
I took CCSP exam on August 14th and passed, first try. I would like to say big Thank you to everyone sharing their experiences and answering questions here.Taking my part I will list materials that I used in my studies.

I used following books:
1. CCSP All In One by Daniel Carter
2. CCSP Official Study Guide 2017
3. The Official (ISC)2® Guide to the CCSPSM CBK®, Second Edition - great reference resource, hard to reed on its own but has information not listed anywhere else.
4. All CSA materials5. Magic GOOGLE for all tough questions and detailed explanations.
6. CCSP Practice Exams and all questions from above books.

Being educator I took old proven approach by actually studying all the material and trying to understand it. This is not the quickest way but guaranteed to work. I went through thousands of questions until I knew exactly why the answer is certain way.My average score before exam was 82-92% depending on the book. I found that "CCSP: Certified Cloud Security Professional Practice Exams" by Daniel Carter is the toughest and closest to real test.

Best regards, Andrey


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    Congratulations Raransky, I'm looking forward to writing my exam for the 2nd time in the first week of September or so. Thanks for a great write up!
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    Nice job on this one. icon_thumright.gif
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    Well done - like the approach of actually studying and learning :D
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    Hi Andrey

    How difficult is the actual exam? I am planning to switch my career towards cloud so besides doing AWS/Google cloud thinking about doing this too.

    Planning to start with "CCSP All In One by Daniel Carter".

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    Congratulations! I took the same approach and probably will going forward with any certificaitons I pursue. My focus on these certifications is not just the ultimate end goal of getting certified, but increasing my knowledge footprint in those area's as deep as I can. The knowledge in the end outweighs the certification itself ultimately as in the case for the CCSP, you can stay certified forever with the notion you keep up to date with the industry through CPE's, seminars, training, etc...
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    About difficulty of exam - it is not an easy one for sure, lots of tricky questions and scenario based. You need to understand what approach is described in question - cloud provider, cloud customer or third party; if you chose the right side you will get which of the right answers is best one.
    Hope it helps.
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