2nd Interview - Technical questions

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Hi guys,

What technical questions to expect for 2nd interview going for a 1st Line Support Role?

Thank you in advance.


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    "What kind of troubleshooting steps would you take if a user stated they weren't able print? With a USB Printer? With a Network printer?"

    "What is an IP Address?"

    "What is the purpose of a router? a switch?"

    "How would you troubleshoot a computer that doesn't boot up to Windows?"

    "How would you troubleshoot a computer that doesn't turn on?"

    "What is SSH used for? Do you know the port number?"

    "What is FTP used for?"

    "What command can you use to verify network connectivity to a remote device?"

    "A user says that web pages aren't loading for them. What can you ask them to remedy the issue?"

    If you want some bonus points, a good one to know if they ask about "user's passwords expiring" and checking AD. Mention that you can use the command line to issue a "net user UsernName /domain" command, substituting the UserName with whatever the user name is. This will give you detailed info about the expiration date, when ti was last set, what permissions the account has, if it's locked out, etc.
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    I always found this question hard to answer. I had an job interview last week for Dell and the technical questions were something like from an MS cert exam. Thankfully I studied for my MS certs so the questions wasn't a problem. But I was expecting to see the type of question as listed above but nothing like that was asked.
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