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Hello guys
I am here to share and hopefully get some useful advice . My IT career journey started two years ago . I had some basic computer skills and experience with 4 years computer engineering degree  and lots of motivation to learn , so I decided to study for CCNA , after I passed the exam I thankfully got a job as an IT support . I have been working for two years , but I want to become a network admin / Engineer  . Honestly in my job I don't have a lot to do with networking , phones  or even server . It is basic IT support that I feel I am wasting my time . 

I don't want to stuck in this role fixing computer issues here and there , I am the only guy in the office , but the whole IT team in different location. That's why I feel discouraged , scared sometimes and less motivated to work alone with no help. I need some advice in order to help me draw a different vision for my career that could help me somehow to move up and hopefully get a better job . 

I am thinking to go back to school and get a degree or master degree , sometimes I say let me just take the certification path to develop my skills and get some experience .

I am a little confused . 

Thank you in advance for any advice or comment 


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    You have a degree, some certs and basic experience. So you have to either move laterally in your company (please make sure that your boss know of y our intent) or brush up your resume and hit some door. Consider relocating if required, location is important.

    Finally, you can get more basic certs like A+, Network+, Security+, it could help you get into the door. If you started a masters, I would not tell them, you will be categorized for over-educated for the kind of jobs you are searching. 
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    now that you have a CCNA, have you tried to get a job in networking? tried applying?

    start studying for CCNP and create a home lab, polish your CV and start applying. See what the market needs and build those skills! 

    I don't recommend going back to school for a technical masters degree IF the goal is to be a network engineer/admin
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    Honestly for an entry level job 2 years seems to be a sweet spot when reading these forums. Brush up your resume and go look for a promotion. Now is all about selling yourself. Got a degree check. Got a certification check. Got experience check.

    I would discourage going for a higher degree until you gain some confidence and have a specific goal in mind.
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    What do you like to do? So many get into IT thinking "I want to fix computers and that is it." So they get their A+ and start doing just that. Some people are completely cool doing that. You have experience with the level 1 help desk stuff and have your CCNA, why not start branching out and applying for those entry level network admin positions. Experience is great. Certs back it up.
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    I agree with some of the comments here. You've already got a degree, why spend a few years and even more money getting another one? You're at CCNA level, have you tried pushing for a CCNP, CCIE? There are plenty of routes to take (no pun intended) in Cisco so have a look on their website and see which path stands out to you. Honestly, this will probably get you recognized more than an additional degree, and will save you time and money too.

    Do you have the opportunity to progress in your current job to a network-focused role? If not, what opportunities are there in your area? Take a look at a few job sites and see whats around. Start off with some basic networking roles and just build your career from there. You're still young so don't worry if you don't get anything the first time around, just keep pushing yourself.
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    Start sending out resumes and see if you get any nibbles! Meanwhile, learn as much as you can!
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    I would begin to look for a small IT company, like small MSP, the salary is not high like the big companies, however you will be able to put your hands on a lot of IT toys like servers, firewalls, Office 365, switches, etc, etc. The MSP do a lot of migrations and implementation, it is a good place to sharp your skills

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    I THANK all of you for your supportive comments . This is so helpful guys . Thanks a lot 
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