Anything better than sybex aio 2018?

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I loved the daril Gibson's aio for SSCP. It wasn't wordy and it was straight to the point. The sybex aio for CISSP is terribly wordy and a hard read. 

Anyone have similar feelings and another guide to recommend?


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    You could use the E.Conrad book but I personally used the Sybex book and I passed on the 24th of November. I didn't find it to be too wordy at all...well at least not when compared to the Shon Harris Bible (which I recommend as well). I'm a big fan of Daril Gibson and I enjoy his writing style but I'm sorry to say if your looking for something with that readability your best bet is E.Conrad's book 
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    Thanks. I will go through the sybex and then the study guide from Eric Conrad

    And congratulations on passing. How long he did you study? I'm on chapter 3 of a week of reading. For the SSCP I read daril Gibson's book like 3 times. Once just to read second time read and take notes and then 3rd time to fill in any gaps. 

    I feel like going that route with sybex may take me a year lol
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    Do you mean you used the Sybex published SSCP CBK OR the - also Sybex published SSCP Official Study Guide?  I mostly used the Sybex Official Study Guide and the All-in-One, and either seemed good for preparation.  I also read through the SSCP CBK once, but it was a tough read through and long.  As long as you adequately understand the concepts and are doing well in practice exams you should be fine.  Note that I also found a number of practice questions on various tests and flash cards on Quizlet that were helpful to validate that I was learning.
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    I'm doing ok in the practice tests. On the pretest for the sybex CISSP I got 30/40
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