Some other/new CISSP forum?

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I've always come here for my ISC2 exam prep discussions - but the board seems to have very low participation over the last few weeks.  Has everyone headed for greener pastures? Where?  Personally, I'm not impressed with the migration to the new board and can see why people might have gone elsewhere.




  • DZA_DZA_ Untitled. Member Posts: 458 ■■■■■■□□□□
    The CISSP section has moved to it's own category as before it was all intertwined with SSCP exam, you can find it here below. I'm not sure if you browsed there yet but there is ton of activity, especially if you follow CyberCop's CISSP journey.

    The same people are still here, it may be a slower time since folks are on holiday and want to spend with their families rather than study for an exam. The content hasn't changed. 

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