Is Cloud+ worth it?

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Does it have any weight for someone that already have A+, Net+, Sec+, Server+ and 7 years experience?

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    Does your current job want you to have it or does your next job looking for have that cert in their job ad?   If so, then yes.  If not, then I usually pass on a cert.  I'd guess most manager's would see Cloud+ and have zero clue what it actually covers.   

    But the knowledge might be useful if you need to learn more on those topics and there are people who like to have a cert to shoot for while they are learning the material.  So that they have an end goal.   I'm not one of those people but can be helpful. 
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    My bet is that it will be more profitable to do either an Azure certs or an AWS certs rather than a cloud neutral certs. 


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    Cloud+ has not helped me at all.  The Department of Defense does not recognize it as a cloud cert.  Not sure about the private sector, but I am guessing that they also would be looking for an Azure or AWS cert.  Even CCSP is not recognized by the DoD yet.
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    so, I hear A LOT that DoD certs are great to have...Does that really mean anything though?  Bragging rights?  Better pay in public sector?  Does the private sector HR depts look at them the same way OR do you have to express that in your resume that they are DoD certs?  I suppose it is only relevant if you apply for public sector positions, IMO.

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    Having passed the Cloud+ this year, it didn't help me get a higher salary at all or anything. Was useful to get a better grasp on cloud but that is about it. I would just skip it and do AWS or Azure certs.
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