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I’m recruiting for Vectrus, if interested in a variety of positions please submit your resume and inbox me your most recent clearance information (interim, secret etc.) and your preferred job field (IT type, Comm Type). If your candidacy meets our requirements a recruiter will contact you. Positions may pay up to but not limited to 100k+ (Middle East)

If you have any questions feel free to inbox me and i'll provide my email. Thank you have a nice day.

Some of our open positions are as follows:

Technical Writer
Operations Specialist
Network Admin I
Network Admin II
Watch Officer
Red Switch Technician I
Telecomm supervisor
Supply Tech I
Data Center Netowkr Engineer
Satellite Technician II
Outside Plant Technciain I
ADPE Technician I
Sys Admin I
ADPE/Service Desk Admin
Serivce Desk Accounts Admin
Radio Comm
PDA and Sys Admin
Information Assurance Analyst I



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