Should i stick with 697/698 or go a diff route...

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 I read that that the Microsoft 70-xxx, 74-xxx, and MBx-xxx series exams voucher code's are interchangeable, correct me if I am wrong.

I have a Voucher and a retake for both the 697/698 exams.  I attended a class/boot camp. I am pretty early on in studying for the 697. And I see they expire the exam March 31,2019. So i am trying to figure out do i go for this exam or possibly use the vouchers on something that i will have more time to study... I would hate to run out of time. 

 I am not 100% sure it would work but based off the info I gathered the vouchers should work for a number of exams.

I am pretty new to Azure/Intune, power-shell etc. But am willing to try to get it done. I know that no one can say for sure whats best for me, but a little insight or opinion would be nice.

I Have A+, Net+ and Sec+.  Thanks


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    The certification path can be confusing. What works best for some may be diff for you and others. What I have heard frequently is that most people with little to no intune/windows 10 experience fail the 697 at-least the first time. You have about 3 months to do both exams. Check out the link below. 

    Someone asked a similar question on another forum..

    "I just passed the 697 and it was much easier than I originally thought. You could easily study and pass both in about 5 to 6 weeks.

    HOWEVER,  I would strongly recommend you go for the 698 before the 697. The reason being is that the 698 will be accepted in lieu of the MD100. Essentially, if you run out of time for the 697 then all you have to do is take the MD101 and become certified on the new certification. 

    I think the new cert is Modern Desktop Administrator. "

    So you probably would want to do the 698 first no matter what, and as far as voucher interchangeability, Microsoft may tell you.. I'm not sure.

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