1099 Contract - How much do you save for taxes?

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My online research has seemed to suggest at least 17% should be put away for taxes. For those with experience as full-time 1099 contractors, does that number seem reasonable? I've also read that many expenses can be written off, thus lowering one's tax liability. To what degree can that help? Thanks.
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    It really depends on how much you make & which tax bracket your in.  I would suggest putting back 1 whole paycheck to cover taxes, maybe 2 checks.

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    In Canada, they say that we work until June for taxes.. then July to December for ourselves :)
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    For my husband, he stops paying taxes in August and the rest is 'ours', but it is really for our bills...
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    1099 contractors are responsible for bot the employee portion as well as the employer portion of any required taxes. The ones that come to mind are 6.2% for social security (12.4% total) and 1.45% for medicare (2.9% total). SS has a max income cutoff, after which you don't have to pay anymore. The max for 2018 was $128,400 but it changes from year to year. There is no max for medicare insurance tax.
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