Interview on Tuesday Noc level 1

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I have an interview on Tuesday with a fairly well known ISP/provider/wholesale provider

I have done the Phone interview last week which was 20 mins long mostly technical questions , asking me what would i do/look if this was an issue etc (some ospf talk and some layer 2 stuff also some osi stuff).

I have been called into a face to face with the Network ops manager and and HR person , so i'm guessing this isn't going to be another Technical interview would i be right to assume that ?

Its a shift of 4 days on 4 off on a 7-7 shift rotation , one week nights one week days. Which will be new to me having worked only 9-5/6 days.

"The role will involve monitoring, investigating and tracking all events on the network."

Current role i'm in is becoming very stressful for various reasons so a change of scenery is needed , i am level 1 already and have been for the past 16-18 months.

Any advice on these types of interviews appreciated. I have already stated in the phone interview what im earning at the moment so would this interview be a given that the role would be paying more? Will money be negotiated at this interview,haven't done many interviews....


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    Pay might come up.  I would have a number in your head that you need to make.  

    Here's a good article on preparing for the interview.

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  • Mr.Robot255Mr.Robot255 Member Posts: 196 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Had interview 1 hour long, was 20 mins of technical layer2/3 questions wit a network engineer. He left and Net manager came in with senior HR person.
    I think it went ok i wont say it went perfectly as a couple of questions stumped me maybe the way it was asked or maybe i need to go back to my books. i am not sure was nerves or what but i kinda blanked for a second and then came back ok. 

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    From my personal experiences when the interview goes okay, I get the job.  When it's great or bad (IMO) I never get it......    Hopefully this is the same for you!
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  • Mr.Robot255Mr.Robot255 Member Posts: 196 ■■■□□□□□□□
    i have been called in for another interview (meant to be with just HR people)
    so i have had one technical phone interview, a face to face tech + HR interview and now im scheduled for another interview.
    To people with experience of lots of interviews i take it this is a good sign ?
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    It is, however, don't put your eggs in one basket.  Keep sending resumes out. Good luck.
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    I got the JOB! :D extremely happy about it all , was a long process from start to finish id say it  was 5 weeks maybe 6 from first contact.
    I had a couple of technical interviews , one over the phone and another in person both lasting 20-35 minutes. Then i had some HR interviews, ending today with a final 35 min chat. Followed by the offer.
    The offer is a lot better than i was imagining it was going to be, an example of this is i will be on 35% higher pay than current job! Plus lots of benefits.
    Really excited about the road ahead :D 
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    Well done! Feels pretty darn good, doesn't it! :)
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  • scaredoftestsscaredoftests Security +, ITIL Foundation, MPT, EPO, ACAS, HTL behind youMod Posts: 2,767 Mod
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    Hey congrats man!
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