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So, I tend to bounce around to different training sites to learn stuff.  However, what is getting annoying TO ME, that the timeout feature they put on the website, for instance AWS, FedVTE are a couple examples, if you are idle for just a few mins, it logs you out.  I mean, I get it, it's security, but damn...having to login several times a day is a buzzkill...I have tried their support, but never hear back nor do they change any timeout settings.  YouTube & Udemy seems really the only ones that actually stay logged in so I can pause & come back to it w/o having to login again...Just thought I would vent some of my frustrations, CHEERS & Hi5!
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    I share your frustrations. It would be helpful to have a user defined timeout setting.
    Many users save credentials in their browsers anyway.
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    I've used FedVTE quite a few times, and I haven't had it time out on me.  Maybe something they implemented recently?  I really haven't gone through any of their training in a couple months.
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