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Passed the SSCP exam March 7th 2019. It was a beast at 125 questions. I used the Daryl Gibson All in one book plus the exam practice test offered by ucertify. All in all it wasnt to bad of a test. I feel it was almost the same as Sec+ minus the length. I get fidgety at around 50 questions... not the type of guy that likes to sit still really long. Took about 50 mintues for me. I studied for about three weeks using the materials mentioned. Caveat though, I retired from military recently and since about last June I decided to change career fields from medical and enter the IT field specifically Cybersecurity. Since last June I have earned: A+, Network+, Sec+, ITIL V3 Foundations, and two CIW certs. Some of them were for the WGU curriculum which I recently started as well. Alot of these certifications overlap which is why I didnt need to study as much. I figured since I'm on a roll might as well schedule the CASP next(29March) scheduled... let's see how that goes. Hopefully I stay on a roll. Getting all these certs to try and make up for the lack of experience in the field. Right now working in an entry level Network Monitoring Cell... so slowly aqcuiring the experience. If anyone knows of any entry Cybersecurity jobs in the San Antonio, TX area please let me know. Thanks.

Test had a good mix of questions but the book I read covered it well. Cant really recall anything on the test that wasnt mentioned in the book. 



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    Congratulations! and good luck on the CASP
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    I earned SSCP a few months ago, and my experience with it was similar.  I thought it was a little more challenging that Sec+, and some different concepts were introduced, but I think both exams complement one another. 

    And I do the same thing after about 50 questions.  I get rather fidgety.
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    I passed my SSCP in october 2018.  i went on a course in feb 2018 but life got in the way and i was not able to do the test until October.  I thought i had failed when i finished but was soo happy when i passed.  would of liked a score so i knew how and i did and what areas needed work.  Also, now trying to get my CPE points up as the fees have doubles :(

    Congratulations toall who passed :)
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    Congratulations! Good Luck
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    Congratulations and all the best for the CASP certification. :)
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    Thanks for follow up. I'll be scheduling mine in about 3 months and have Gibson's book. were all questions multiple choice? 
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    Congratulations! I also passed 
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    Congrats !!!! I'm excited to also take within the next month or so. Using SSCP AIO Book Exam Guide by Darril Gibson & Pluralsight. Keep you posted smile:
    (In Progress)
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    Congratulations on the pass!

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