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Hi just have a quick question on a practice exam question that I kind of disagree with.

"You are deploying a telephony solution.  The network includes several branch offices in  remote geographic locations.  You need to provide VoIP support among all office locations.  You need to design a network infrastructure to support communications.  You need to minimize the impact on network security.  You need to minimize the costs related to deploying the solution.  What should you do?"

Options:  Configure direct network connections
Configure a DMZ in each office
Configure a VLAN
Configure NAC

As I'm writing this out I think I kind of understand but I originally but VLAN because in Gibson's book he specifically mentions separating VoIP traffic with them.  But I'm assuming since it's doesn't state "each office" this couldn't be the answer.  Can anyone elaborate a bit further?

I take the test this Friday.  I'm feeling OK but still very nervous....Thanks in advance!


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    only "configure a VLAN" answers all points in question (not always in real life)
    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry
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    trojin said:
    only "configure a VLAN" answers all points in question (not always in real life)
    That's my issue with this question....the stated correct answer is configure a DMZ in each office
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    Since it says "minimize impact on security and costs", a VLAN across geographic areas would require special equipment and configurations.  With a DMZ, any router can do that fairly simply, that pretty much anyone could set up.  Not secure by any means, but that's what the question is asking.
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