SEC+ SY0501 Simulation Question

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Hey there!  So I've just taken my sec+ test for the 2nd time and scored a 710 for the 2nd time which is super frustrating.  On both exams, I got the exact same simulation questions (one of them being the wireless router simulation) and another one I didn't know how to answer and still don't.  It's very disheartening because I don't know how to prepare myself for that part of the exam and I'm only a few questions away from passing.  

Looking for advice from anybody on how they prepared themselves for the simulation-based questions for the test.  I would greatly appreciate it.

FYI, I've already studied Darrill Gibson's "Get Certified Get Ahead" book, Professor Messer's CBT Nuggets, done the CompTIA Sec+ Cert Practice Test, as well as several other test banks.



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