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Hi there,

I just finished my CCNA study and I have a doubt about my CCNP journey.

Due to my work, I have two jobs, I do not have a lot of time to study daily.

So, my question to those who are currently studying or finished their CCNP study is: how did you study/ied for CCNP? Every day, one hour or just Saturday and Sunday for about 6-7 hours? How is better?

Thank you!
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    well the ccnp exams each take about twice (at least) as much studying as the ccna exam.  it isn't that the topics are harder.  it has a much larger number of topics and the depth of knowledge is deeper also.  studying 15 hours per week it'll probably take 5 months to be ready for an exam, but everyone learns differently.

    Myself, I recommend studying a little bit everyday.  but, I learn the topics better via repetition and it also keeps you involved in learning. And, if you miss a day, you haven't forgotten everything.  But, just studying on the weekends, if you miss a weekend, it becomes two weeks since you last studied.  it becomes easier to forget what you've studied and it makes it easier for you skip another week.

    It is hard enough to remember topics already.  as in, how much of what you studied today are you going to remember well enough to pass an exam 5 months from now.
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    Everyone is a little different. Sometimes there is a lot of benefit to spending all day trying to get one thing to work. In the end if you are lucky you gain a stronger understanding of what your working with because you had time to troubleshoot and learn some of the finer details.

    However I think studying every day is probably better for consistency.
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