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Hi guys,

First of all, great site, very useful.

I need the expert opinion of someone here regarding the exam. I would put the question outright on this page but then I would be violating Microsoft's agreement and this websites agreement as it would be seen as a "****". I need help because I believe that the simulation that I have been presented with is an impossible situation.

Is it at all possible to speak to someone "privately" through email or whatever regarding this or am I asking too much?

Thanks in advance - a very desperate Adam icon_cry.gif


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    I take it that you have already taken the test correct?
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    You need to contact Microsoft directly about this. Here is more information on what to do.
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    yes I sat it today and scored 675...
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    I think I know what you are talking about. I had one simulation question on that exam that stumped me. I knew how to perform the task in my home lab and at work, but that method did not work in the sim. After playing around with the sim for about 10 minutes or so, I finally found the "Microsoft" way of completing the sim.

    Not to expose any actual test material, the sim dealt with delegation.

    Not sure if this is the same one you ran into.....
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    To be honest I thought 3/5 sims I got were poorly worded. My sim question was regarding group membership/access in another domain. First I tried the normal way of going about it, then realising that I could not click where most normal people do I was left clicking all over the frigging screen. I tried 3 alternatives for the solution but all of them were "disabled" I guess by the sim/exam software.

    The other question was not regarding a sim but an event log but again I could not click on the screen in order to input data that I needed to! I could not think of any other way to tackle the question! The way I was doing it had to be the only way!....
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    Actually, I found the majority of questions to be poorly worded. Why Microsoft...why??? icon_confused.gif

    Anyway, your experience does sound different from mine. As a previous poster suggested, maybe contacting Microsoft is the way to go.
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    That's sucks, but you were close to passing. You'll pass on your second attempt.
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